How to use Subconscious Mind

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Subconscious mind is truly a gift to everyone that has never been opened. Subconscious mind has vast potential which has never been utilized. Subconscious mind can perform extraordinary feats but we need to need to learn how the subconscious mind works to unleash the true power of subconscious mind.

Studies have shown people have performed extraordinary feats when they are in altered state of mind. They control involuntary body functions through subconscious mind, when they are in altered state of mind.

Altered state of mind is a natural state of mind but in a more relaxed state. In altered state, our mind is more relaxed and conscious mind becomes dormant and subconscious mind becomes more active.

Your Subconscious mind is open to suggestions and will readily accept any suggestions given to it in altered state of mind. Please mind that suggestions should be useful or else it may conflict with subconscious mind and lead to complications.

These suggestions are often ineffective during normal state of mind as conscious mind is dominant during this time and may actively reject the suggestions.

Effective use of subconscious mind can be achieved during altered state of mind. Altered state of mind simply refers to Alpha or Theta state of mind. There are different states of mind namely Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta. Each of the state is defined by the brain waves associated with it.

Out of these 4 states of mind, we are concerned only about the Alpha and Theta States. Only in these states subconscious mind becomes active. Hence Alpha and Theta states are truly doorway to subconscious mind.

Alpha state

We naturally move in and out of alpha state many times daily. But we are not aware of these changes in our mind. Whenever we are too involved in an activity we naturally move into alpha state.

Here are few examples.

You are watching TV and suddenly you hear your friend say to you: “Have you heard a single thing that I have been saying to you?” You didn’t even realize that they were in the room. You were so pulled by the enticement of what you were watching on the television.

You have just driven 400 miles and you don’t really remember with any certainty where you were, but you know where you left from and you know you are now – Home! How is that Possible!

You are in alpha state in these times! All these above examples you were so much engrossed in the activity so much that we moved from beta to Alpha state naturally.

Alpha State before we sleep

Every day when we sleep, we move from beta to delta state. Our mind which is in beta state moves to alpha, theta, delta state before falling asleep. This gives us an excellent opportunity to implant any suggestion in our mind when moving through alpha state. Mental alarm clock shows the effectiveness of this method.

Mental alarm clock

This exercise can be done at night before going to bed. Just before you fall asleep say “I’ll be wide awake by 5:30 tomorrow morning”. Keep on saying this till you fall asleep. During the transition of your mind from beta to alpha stage, this suggestion will be accepted by your subconscious mind.

Alarm can be kept 5 minutes after your mental alarm. You will be amazed when you see alarm rings after your mental alarm wakes you up. Some people prefer mental alarm as their mental alarm is infallible.

Entering Alpha state

Though we enter Alpha state naturally several times a day, we need induce alpha state to implant suggestions into subconscious mind. This involves relaxing our body completely thus forcing our mind to enter alpha state.

Basic method is Progressive relaxation in which we relax our body parts progressively till it is complete body is relaxed. Once relaxed, our subconscious mind is not interfered by our conscious mind and it will be open to all our suggestions.

Another method is series of tensed and relax routines. This method involves in keeping muscles tensed for a short period of time and relaxing it completely. This method is effective as muscles can feel the relaxation after the short duration of tensed period.

Once we enter into alpha state, we can provide suggestions to our subconscious mind which are readily accepted by our subconscious mind.

Maintaining Alpha State

Once we learned to enter alpha state, it is important to remain in alpha state for subconscious mind to open up. If we move in and out of alpha state, it would be difficult in accessing our subconscious mind.

Reaching Alpha state is easy, but maintaining alpha state is difficult and it requires constant practice.